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Commercial Property Building Surveys

Posted by Margarita on September 8, 2020

Building Surveyor Services in and around Lancaster

Our team has expanded and now we have a truly experienced Building Surveyor at Fisher Wrathall Commercial. Our Building Surveyor Ed has to offer a variety of professional services fit for owners, tenants, developers and buyers of commercial property. See below the services and their descriptions:

Schedule of Condition


Ensure that lease end repairing liabilities are carefully considered at the outset and protect against costly repairing obligations at lease end.  Being a factual record of the premises condition and configuration, which is appended to the lease, a Schedule of Condition at lease commencement is a must!

Schedule of Dilapidations

Ideal For: Landlord or Tenant

Acting for either Landlord or Tenant; Dilapidations are where expert advice is essential!  Whether it’s the ability to produce a robust and competent Schedule of Repair and reinstatement of alterations, or having the negotiation process to successfully settle the claim taken care of in a professional and diligent manner, we can manage the process from start to finish.


Stage Inspections

Ideal For: developer

Working closely with local developers of new-build and conversion projects to provide the purchasers with a warranty, which gives the peace of mind that their new home has been built to the best possible standard.  Projects are inspected in conjunction with Building Control, at regular intervals from ‘breaking ground’ to completion.


Residential Survey and Valuation

Ideal For: purchaser

Pre-purchase surveys for residential buyers.  Different levels of survey are available to suit the needs of both the purchaser and also the property type and condition.  We offer further guidance and advice following issuing of the report to all clients, therefore ensuring that purchasers are able to move forward with confidence, taking an informed step closer towards their dream home.

Defect Diagnosis

Ideal For: Home Owner or purchaser

A bespoke report which provides a detailed assessment of a defect which may be of concern to a homeowner or prospective purchaser.  Typical defects addressed may be structural movement, damp, or timber defects, such as dry rot.


Quinquennial Reports

Ideal For: Church Committee

An extremely detailed survey of Church buildings undertaken every five years.  However, we would recommend that all owners of buildings open to the public adopt this approach to ensure they are compliant with safety legislations, for example, the control of Asbestos.  Furthermore, it provides an ongoing maintenance plan to keep the building in good repair with the ability to cost plan and budget.


Building Refurbishment & Repair

Ideal For: Property owners, buyers, developers

We offer the service of a full survey, subsequent to which we are able to draw up a schedule of works, appoint a contractor and oversee the works on site.  This may be to overhaul defects necessary to provide a wind and watertight envelope, or a full refurbishment and reconfiguration of a property.  We can manage the process from inception to completion.


Pre-Lease Assessment

Ideal For: Prospective tenant

This service comprises an initial survey of the premises prior to a tenant taking a new lease.  It highlights the condition, immediate liabilities and expenditure required for the premises to be suitable for the tenant to occupy and operate from.  Following this, the lease negotiations are able to be undertaken far more efficiently, with the ability to identify covenants which should be negotiated out of the lease, or perhaps a rent free period to reflect works which are required.


Please get in touch with our team if you are interested in one of these services.

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