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Commercial Land Lancashire: Our experienced team specialises in land development seeking best alternative use and value for landowners

When it comes to developing land, expertise is essential. Whether you are buying or selling, you need advice on things like:

• Your entitlements

•Your options

•The procedures that will be involved

Fisher Wrathall Commercial work with clients whose projects come in all shapes and sizes. This means private individuals and larger companies, as well as local authorities, social landlords and charities. We have established ourselves as leaders in North Lancashire and South Cumbria with a wealth of experience for our clients.

We look at potential alternative uses for each particular piece of commercial land in Lancashire, such as farm diversification, working with planning consultants, and ultimately helping to seek an enhanced use for the land with planning permission, and therefore increasing land value.

This is not something that can be done without a degree of expertise. It can be challenging to obtain planning permission, and it takes knowledge and skill to design the best possible way to develop land to get the most out of it.

We actively look at potential viable uses for each parcel of land, and seek to maximise value through the planning system. Applying lateral thinking to land opportunities can produce significant gain, especially when allied to local knowledge alongside an awareness of the economic requirements of the District, together with the strategy of the Local Authority. 

These are all things FW Commercial can bring to the equation for commercial land development in North Lancashire and South Cumbria. Our team has over 130 years’ combined experience, most of which was accumulated in the area working with the full spectrum of entities with a core interest in land development.

The Importance of Good Market Research

If you want your commercial land development to be a success, there must be a huge amount of time, effort and research applied. It can be incredibly time consuming to look at suitable locations, analyse historic land sales and research current market rates, but all this work gives you a strong background knowledge to manage your expectations.

The questions that need to be asked include:

•What are your plans for the land?

•What is your budget, and is it realistic for your goals?

•What sort of land will be suitable for your needs?

•Is there potential for profit if you choose to sell down the line?

Fisher Wrathall Commercial can help take all the research and legwork out of your hands by doing it for you. Our team can help you find the answers to the questions above in order to track down the right commercial land for your development goals. There is no substitute for genuine expertise and experience, and that’s exactly what you get when you work with us.

Commercial Land in Lancashire: Land Suitable for Housing

We always have a high volume of enquiries from developers for land suitable for housing.  Often these developers are niche operators in their own right.  Some may be seeking sites for upmarket housing, others may be seeking land for traditional housing developments, and others may be seeking sites purely for affordable housing.

By working with Fisher Wrathall Commercial, developers can find prime pockets of land where housing developments could offer the most potential. We can also offer bespoke advice on what type of development might work best on specific plots and can work to a brief to find land that is perfect for your plans. Whatever your plans are for new housing developments, we will help you make them a reality.

Commercial Developments for Start-Ups

There is also significant interest from commercial developers looking for land suitable for industrial sites.  There is a great demand for small industrial bespoke units, as many start-up businesses have begun at home due to Covid during the lockdown, and they have now simply outgrown their home facilities.  They need proper industrial premises to put their individual business on the map.

Again, it is important to make the right decisions with commercial developments, and FW Commercial can help with that. From choosing the right locations to advice on obtaining planning permission for your desired project, our team has the necessary expertise to help you bring your vision into reality.

Why Choose Fisher Wrathall for Developing Commercial Land?

Our team has a huge wealth of experience in the commercial and residential development sector. Their experience amounts to more than 130 years in total, with more than 89 of those years coming from the manager and chief consultant alone. Our skills and knowledge are diverse, covering lettings, valuations, surveying, consultancy and more, all within property development in and around Lancashire.

You can hope to have a more specialist team in your corner when it comes to finding and securing the commercial land you need for your desired development. Similarly, our team can help get the most out of a plot of land if you are looking to sell. What this amounts to is a service that is second to one in the regions of North Lancashire and South Cumbria.

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