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Newest technology – 360° virtual tours are here!

Posted by Margarita on February 4, 2021

Viewing properties during the lockdown is challenging and photos are just not enough. Good news! We now have another way to view a property – High Definition 360° Virtual Tours. 

As a team, we love improving and bringing new technologies in the commercial property market. Last year we rebranded, launched this website, and started doing video viewings for the properties. This year was calling for even more improvements, therefore we got this state of the art camera. 

What’s a virtual tour and why this camera is so special?

giraffe 360 2 d plan

A virtual tour is different from a video tour. Our virtual tours provide a completely immersive experience, as you actually can ‘walk around’ the property using navigation buttons or the property map. You can zoom in onto every detail and inspect the property from different angles. All this is powered using a 360° camera technology and it’s ideal for viewing commercial properties.


Use the arrow on the bottom left to open the property map and explore this restaurant in detail. 

The sleek tours is not the only function this cutting-edge tool has! This camera is a highest-quality HDR camera available for estate agents and it takes top-notch pictures. And to top this all off – the camera is capable of producing floor plans of the property in just seconds!

Now, we can take pictures, capture a virtual tour and produce floor plans in just a few minutes. We are now much faster at listing your property and we only need to spend limited time in your property before we do so!

See below and example between a ‘regular’ camera and our HDR camera shots of the same room:

giraffe 360 vs regular camera

The difference is impressive right?! We are so excited to use this camera for all our new listings. If you are looking to list your commercial property and looking for the best service – get in touch with us. Our team has over 130 years of combined experience, but we are always raising the bar of the industry by using the latest technologies available. 

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